Subsurface Drip Irrigation System

What is Subsurface Drip Irrigation System?

Subsurface drip irrigation system is a type of micro irrigation method which is designed in such a way that water is applied directly to the root zone of plants by means of orifices, emitters or porous tubing placed just below the ground surface which indirectly coined the term ‘subsurface’. Operating under low pressure, this system is more efficient than flood or sprinkler irrigation in terms of water consumption, in large due to reduced evaporation. The basic components that make up this system are namely pumps, valves, filters, chemical injectors and a network of water distribution system consisting of solid pipes and flexible tapes.

The Benefits of Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Subsurface drip irrigation allows for a more efficient use of water as it significantly reduces the surface nutrient runoff and deep percolation. This way you can save on water bills as well as the manual labor and fertilizer expenses (as there is less nutrient and chemical leaching due to deep percolation) without jeopardizing your crop yield. Next, smaller and more frequent irrigation applications ensure a consistent and lower soil matric potential that reduces salinity hazards, which is basically the excessive salts content that negatively affect the crop yields, degrade the land and pollute the groundwater.

Furthermore, subsurface drip irrigation allows greater water application uniformity which results in a better management of water, nutrients, and salts. This is particularly beneficial for widely spaced crops, provided that sufficient soil wetting is achieved.

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