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Forest City Country Garden Pacific View Johor Vertical-GardenVarious studies have shown that installing a vertical garden in the workplace can reduce the work stress and increases the productivity of workers and employees. It is simply true that greenery always makes a workplace or home more comfortable and inviting, aside from being pleasant to look at. Having your own vertical garden brings a pleasant sensation of freshness to you and your guests or visitors.

Vertical Garden – Endless Design Creativity

Moreover, greenery which symbolizes food, health, and life, can help enliven our workplace. The creative possibilities of the vertical garden are simply endless for instance, green facades, wire-rope-net-system, landscape walls, vegetated mat walls, modular living walls etc. The dual filter system of the plants absorbing carbon dioxide for photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight coupled with the soil removing toxins from the air ensures that despite the hustle and bustle of city life, we could stay thriving and healthy.

It is a beautiful irony that cities and urban areas provide more surface area per square foot to grow plants since more walls are present and can be potentially filled with plants. The idea of having a complex and biodiverse oasis in the midst of densely populated areas is indeed feasible.

Create Sustainable Life Now!

Vertical GardenSome of us work and live in urban areas and cannot help spending the vast majority of our time indoors. Therefore, why not soften the barren interiors and be reinvigorated by the feeling of abundance offered by plants? Hydro Solution has been providing sustainable irrigation and vertical garden service for the last decade. Serving customers from all walks of life helped us to better identify our client’s design needs and turn them into a reality within the shortest time frame. Our team of professionals catered for customers’ needs all over Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca and Seremban. Call us NOW and let us help you create your own personal green haven!


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