Automatic Garden Sprinkler System

Convenience with Automation

The automatic garden sprinkler system is essentially fixed sprinkler systems which are automatically activated by control valves at preset times by a controller. The controller acts as a centralized system and can be easily programmed accordingly, providing a complete automation in watering your garden at any frequency that you desire.

An automatic garden sprinkler system helps you to conveniently create the landscape that you have always wanted by ensuring that your plants get the water they need at the right timing when they need it. Often, by forgetting to water the lawn or worse yet, over watering it, our garden ended up with unsightly brown spots and muddy puddles. Moreover, we could be using up to over 50% more water than the garden actually needs which is not good for the lawn and for the sake of water conservation.

Precise and Efficient

This is where our company comes in by offering precision watering using an automatic garden sprinkler system which can be adjusted according to the climate as well as the individual needs of different plantings, resulting in thicker, greener lawn. Efficient irrigation system for your gardens requires a quality water sprinkler system design, effective water management skills as well as consistent and regular system maintenance, which are the defining characteristics of our company services. We ensure proper tuning up and renovations of home sprinklers to improve the sprinkler water coverage resulting in both better water conservation and plant growth.

Quality Services Anywhere

Our company is experienced in installing sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting systems and water features for residential areas as well as commercial areas and we are proud to say that we are among the best service providers within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and Selangor. Our customers range from different locations namely Cheras, Rawang, Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, do give us a call now. Our friendly customer service will be more than happy to accept your calls.


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