Irrigation System Maintenance

Professional Service

Maintenance Is Crucial For The Long Run!

Maintenance is important, every tool wears out with time and it becomes necessary to clean or replace them. Irrigation system maintenance helps to ensure the system runs efficiently at all times and that the right amount of water goes exactly where it’s needed.

How Should You Perform An Irrigation System Maintenance?

While irrigation maintenance can be done by yourself, many companies offer their services to help you do a regular maintenance check as part of their customer service. The controller of the irrigation system is the first thing to be checked. The controller should not be physically damaged or showing signs of electrical damage. Run a check on the irrigation controls and programs to check that it is still operating appropriately for your watering needs. Remember to keep the date and time up to date and change the batteries every six months or so. It helps to keep a watering schedule nearby for easy reference.

Next, we check for blockage in the pipes and pipe heads. By running the irrigation system zone by zone, the entire irrigation system can be checked for signs of leaks, wear and tear and spray pattern accuracy. It is vital to clean out the pipe heads if dirt has accumulated and blocked the openings which prevents smooth flow of water. If the nozzles, valves or pipes are showing signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, chips or are broken, it should be replaced with new parts immediately. Broken parts lead to water leakage and can wreak havoc not only towards your plants, but also towards your water bills, so don’t leave them be. Spray patterns should also be checked and readjusted to prevent spraying towards the sidewalks and pavements. The spray may also be blocked by your growing plants and not reaching where you want it to.

We Are Always Available For Help!

Over-watering you plants not only causes root rot, it hollows out your wallet through expensive water bills too. So make sure your irrigation system is regularly maintained and always running at tip-top condition. Don’t forget, it’s just a call away if you require professional help!


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