Water Feature Wall

Water Feature WallEasy Installation

Installing your own water feature wall is not as hard as you thought it would be provided that you followed the right steps in installing it. The components for installing your own water feature wall are water wall Header Unit where the water flows out to the wall from the top, Tubing which channels the water back to the top of the wall, Inline Valve, Director, Pump, Reservoir or Pond and Pool Wall Connector.

How To Install A Water Feature Wall?

All these components play an imperative role in ensuring the proper functioning of your water feature wall. The reservoir or the pond can be placed on the ground or buried underground. The latter choice would, of course, require some digging work. Stones and roots must be first removed from the pit and an approximately 10cm of thick sand layer filled into the pit and compacted as a solid base and foundation. Hence, the pit should be made wider and deeper by approximately 10cm than the actual pond shape to accommodate for the extra layer of sand.

Next, the pond is positioned and aligned with a spirit level, a tool used to measure the levelness of the surface. After this is done, the free space between the pit and pond shell will be filled with sand and then washed in with lots of water. This is to prevent the sand from flexing out at the sides.

After the site is completed, the pond and the walls are inserted and the pump placed in position followed by the installation of the header unit at the desired height. Take note that the header unit needs to be 100% level otherwise the feature will not work properly.

One important tip in planning a water feature wall is that if you wish for a feature where the water is throwing out from the wall similar to a waterfall effect, you will need a larger reservoir to accommodate the splash. As a rule, the water wall height should be equivalent to the potential splash distance.

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