Water Feature

Provide a Year Round Enjoyment and Tranquility to Your Family

In general terms, a water feature is basically any indoor or outdoor décor that incorporates water, ranging from a small tabletop fountain to a large commercial lake or retention pond. A water feature can be conveniently classified into four basic categories, namely Fountainscapes, Pondless Waterfalls, Ecosystem Ponds and Advanced Ponds.

Water Feature

Fountainscapes normally incorporate an in-ground reservoir and act as small decorative water features. Tabletop fountains, spitters, container water gardens, and fountains are among the few instances of this type of water feature.

Pondless Waterfalls are simply waterfalls which are recirculated without the presence of a pond. This way, you can enjoy both the sight and sound of tranquil running water and white noise without bearing the trouble of pond maintenance.

Ecosystem Ponds emphasize on the balance of aeration, filtration, plants, fish, rock and gravel. This type of pond water feature is popular simply because all components are present and are able to interact well to keep the pond nutritionally and naturally balanced, hence minimizing maintenance efforts.

Advanced Ponds can take the form of either Pondless Waterfalls or Ecosystem Pond. These large water features are often installed in commercial locations, for instance, shopping center, office complex, a residential subdivision and more. In fact, some water-loving homeowners have this type of water feature installed on their property where space and budget are not an issue.

Water feature has therapeutic effects on patients and old citizens. According to the preliminary report of the Sustainable Sites Initiative, hospital patients typically recover faster from surgery and require less pain medication. Moreover, health indicators such as the heart rate and blood pressure return to normal levels faster when people view natural rather than urban landscapes after a stressful experience.


Mother Nature has Her way indeed to heal us inside out. Water features, regardless whether it is an indoor water feature or an outdoor water feature,  do more than just ensuring quality family time but also helps to promote health and wellness as well as the spirit of conserving the environment.

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