Golf Course Irrigation System

Maintains Golf Course Greenery Easily!

Golf courses require a lot of water inputs to maintain their conditions which make the irrigation system a vital element. Few people know that when compared to other types of irrigation, golf course irrigation system, in general, is the most efficient user of water. The golf course irrigation system can be supplied from various water sources including potable, effluent, surface (such as ponds, lakes, streams and rivers) and groundwater.

Many golf courses utilize effluent or recycled water to irrigate the golf course which is advantageous considering the fact that the supply costs can be lowered, apart from the fertilizer and nutrients that need to be supplied.

The Most Powerful Irrigation System

A golf course usually has between 500 to 5000 sprinklers installed throughout the 18-hole facility with as many as 100 sprinklers operating simultaneously. Each individual sprinkler uses around 18-45 gallons per minute. Sprinkler operation would be spread over the 18 holes rather than just concentrated in one particular area of the course and is generally limited to less than 8 hours. Watering is usually done in the morning so as to not interfere with other activities such as mowing and play.

Golf course irrigation system operates at a very high water pressure ranging from 65 to 100 psi at the base of the sprinkler. The pressure is created by a pump in the water source with an initial pressure of 110psi. Irrigation control systems for golf courses are designed in a sophisticated manner that operates off a database which includes information about each sprinkler, percent slope, and soil type. All these data allows the area within the radius of throw of the sprinkler to be precisely watered.  Each sprinkler is pressure-regulated so that the sprinkler receives its intended pressure regardless of any changes in elevation or distance from the water supply.

We Ensure Long-lasting Greenery

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