Drip Irrigation System

Water Conservation

When You Conserve Water, You Conserve Life!

39Drip irrigation is vital in water conservation especially during an arid season where conventional or improper watering technique leads to inefficient usage of water. Drip irrigation system is ideal and widely used for watering landscapes and gardens by homeowners, contractors, developers, municipalities, professional organizations and government agencies.

A drip system produces healthy and fast-growing plants. In fact, improved crop yields led to an intensive agricultural research and development on this technique. Drip irrigation system keeps the moisture content of the soil relatively constant and that oxygen remains available to the root system. On the contrary, the traditional watering methods cause extreme fluctuation in water content, temperature, and aeration of the soil, resulting in undesirable plant stress.

The drip system is preferred by many gardeners to conserve water. Instead of watering the soil, drip system allows direct channeling of water to the plants, keeping the paths and areas between plants dry. This reduces both water wastage as well as weeding.

Every Drop Counts! Every Drip Helps!

Besides that, you can precisely regulate the drip frequency or the amount of water used during irrigation depending on the weather and surrounding temperature. This way, you can confidently minimize the amount of water lost to evaporation. This key feature is the differentiating factor between drip irrigation system and traditional watering methods whereby water is delivered faster that the soil is able to absorb. In fact, in the state of California, US, it is a state law requirement to implement drip irrigation to water sparse plantings in new commercial and larger residential landscapes.

Minimizes Nutrients Run-Offs

Drip irrigation system helps minimizes nutrients run-offs. If the water exceeds the percolation rate of the soil especially on a steep slope, it can run off the surface, taking valuable topsoil and nutrients with it. This allows you to bring a hillside into cultivation which is ideal for plants which can only survive in cold climates such as in Fraser Hill or Cameron Highlands.

Last but not least, the drip irrigation enables the distribution of equal amounts of water to plants over a wide area, which has always been uphill for most of the irrigation methods in the market. You can conveniently water a large area from a small water source since it uses water slower than other methods.

Nationwide Service

We are looking forward to providing not only solution to your irrigation problems but also a peace of mind especially when your income relies solely on your crops. Give us a call now and let our team of experts handles your problems.

Drip Irrigation System

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