Green Wall Irrigation

condo-irrigation-with-micro-sprays-and-automatic-timer-on-planter-boxes-with-creepersGreen wall landscape cannot be sustained without a proper automated irrigation system. Often, interruptions to water supply and inconsistent moisture management are the main cause of plant failure on green walls. An effective and efficient irrigation system should take into consideration the functional requirements such as plant moisture losses due to dry and hot climate mitigation, automation and remotely controllable system used for walls in high profile locations or wherever the manual access is challenging.

The Benefits

With the technology advancement in the irrigation system, one can easily monitor the automated performance of the system to see if the system is running as planned, the volume of water used, the frequency of watering, as well as the pH and nutrient levels in the water supply. The settings can be overridden if necessary such as the increase in watering during hot days. For hydroponics vertical garden, for instance, essential plant nutrition can be delivered via a fertilizer injection system that releases controlled doses of fertilizer into the irrigation system. This fertigation method, however, requires specialist knowledge since the complexity is higher compared to fertilizing soil or growing media.

Indoor green walls naturally need less watering than outdoor green walls. An efficient irrigation system can lead to substantial water savings and water bill reduction as irrigation cycles is carried out several times a day and typically last for a few minutes. This reduces nutrients run-off. An irrigation system generally consists of a water meter, pressure gauge and water pumps. Water meter is used to monitor the watering volume, the pressure gauge to ensure the even application of water and water pump for maintaining the ongoing regular irrigation.

Quality Services

Green Wall GardenHydro Solution can help you design both a green wall and an irrigation system for it to ensure that your landscape stays beautiful and admirable in the eyes of your guests and visitors. Our team of experienced members provides irrigation system installation service to customers all over Malaysia such as Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Malacca. We welcome you to join our list of satisfied customers. Give us a call now for more information!


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