Smart Sprinkler System

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Save Your Watering Cost

Watering a garden and lawn can easily take up more than 50% of a homeowner’s yearly water use. Therefore, it is a prudent choice to install an irrigation system that will automatically water your plants at the preset time and condition. To achieve optimal water saving, one should always opt for a smart irrigation system rather than those simplistic ones which water the same amount of water daily even when it is raining. Water gets wasted or worse, plants become overwatered, encouraging the growth of weed and fungus.

Smart Sprinkler System – The Efficient Solution

Smart sprinkler system allows for efficient water control and consumption when watering gardens, lawns or landscape plantings. Integration of sensors such as rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, and granular matrix sensors allows for easy monitoring of soil water status at intervals within a time-based event. The soil water status is usually measured in terms of soil tension, matric potential or volumetric moisture.

Another benefit of a smart sprinkler system is convenience. Once the system is set up and verified, what it takes is only an hour weekly to observe if there is any pipe leakage or dry patches. With a smart irrigation controller that takes into account the humidity, amount of rainfall, soil temperature and other factors to determine the timing and watering duration, you can rest assured that there will be no more watering your lawn on a rainy day.

Irrigate NOW

SprinklerThere is no doubt that smart sprinkler system is the way of the future as well as the best way to reduce water use in the yard. The smart controller may just be the next best thing to transform the way we manage landscape plantings and gardens in the future. Call us now for more information and let us transform your garden and landscape into a beautiful sanctuary.


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