Underground Sprinkler System

The Most Well-received Sprinkler System

 Have you ever tripped over a hidden sprinkler head or water pipe in the garden? Or, maybe the sight of a messy maze of water pipes running across the entire garden irritates you out of your mind? Despite intricate landscaping designs, these small annoyances still pop up from time to time. Here’s something to rejoice about! There’s a solution to never having to experience these annoyances again!

Underground sprinkler systems are a type of permanent sprinkler systems. Like its namesake, it is buried away under the ground, thus, out of sight. Among the sprinkler systems that can be install underground are pop-up sprinkler systems, smart sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems and drip sprinkler systems. Other sprinkler systems, such as spray sprinklers and rotating sprinklers, can also be linked into the underground sprinkler systems, but the sprinkler heads will still be exposed.

What You Should Know About Underground Sprinkler System

Underground sprinkler systems are great because everything is hidden under the ground. You don’t see it, and you definitely don’t kick it (No more stubbed toes!!). Since they are hidden from sight, your garden or lawn no longer suffers from a messy layout of sprinkler heads and water pipes. Just beautiful plants and beautiful grass all around to soothe the soul.

Before jumping right into installing an underground sprinkler system, there are just a few things you need to know. The installation of underground sprinkler systems may require a digging permit depending on which region and state you live in. Also, a backflow preventer device and a certain amount of water pressure from the mainline pipe is required to power your sprinkler irrigation systems. The water pressure required depends on the type of sprinkler head you plan to install. A backflow preventer stops non-potable water from mixing into your clean water (potable water), or in simpler terms, prevents water from flowing back into the mainline pipe and possibly contaminating it.

We are Here to Serve You

It’s a good idea to consider hiring professional help in installing an underground system instead of a DIY job. Since an underground sprinkler system involves digging up your yard, you may miss some points on what to do and what not to do. Whereas a professional comes equipped with the required knowledge. They will lay out a suitable plan based on factors such as types of plants, slope, soil type, size of garden and many other factors that you might not even consider important. Their job also involves checking for water, power and cable pipes that may be buried in your garden and prevent mishaps from occurring during the digging process.

Small details that may escape your notice are taken into consideration to provide you the best service they can offer. That’s why it’s a great idea to get a professional’s help in installing an underground sprinkler system. It may cost you a bit more, but you’re guaranteed to receive, at the very least, a satisfactory job on your installation. Call us now for our latest offers!


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