Green Wall Garden

Around the world, many cities have start acknowledging the importance of having green infrastructure and natural landscape assets including green spaces and water systems. Green infrastructures such as trees, parks, wetlands, rain gardens, green wall and green facades can be included on new buildings or retrofitted onto existing buildings. Green walls especially require little, if any, space at ground level. They are ideal for compensating for the loss of urban greenery in dense urban centers where there is not enough space to build other green infrastructures.

The Hidden Gold

From providing localized cooling to aesthetic improvements, green wall gardens can provide multiple benefits over a long time span for both the building owners and the community in general. All green wall gardens require irrigation, especially when access to some of the plantings is limited. Fertigation solution, which is the fertilizer mixed with irrigation water supply, is useful for ensuring healthy plants but requires a careful monitoring and management to prevent mineral build-up over multiple recirculations to damaging levels.

Building owners and developers are increasingly installing green wall gardens to add a point of difference to their real estate. Green wall gardens provide a visual appeal and turn a building into a local landmark, thus increasing its commercial returns. Moreover, they can transform the leasable places into versatile recreation, amenity or production facilities.

We Are The Experts

Vertical Garden

At Hydro Solution, we believe that a well-designed green wall garden system is fully capable of fulfilling both design and functional aims by providing conducive growing conditions for the selected plant species, have a long lifespan, require minimal component replacement and meet the achievable demands before needing maintenance. We can help you minimize the risk associated with the design development and the construction of a green wall garden.

Our team of experienced workers has served industry leaders in business services, education, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and senior care. Give us a call now and let us help you with our carefree green wall garden solution.


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