Automatic Irrigation System

Save Water, Save Money, Save Time

A large portion of our household water use goes to watering our landscapes or gardens, mostly done manually. The hassle of watering plants can be reduced via the installation of automatic irrigation systems. The controller of the irrigation system is essentially important for controlling the irrigation system. Having a controller with certain minimum performance capabilities is imperative to efficient watering and if properly scheduled, can result in lower water bills and significant water savings.

The key to efficient watering is to obtain the controller that can handle diverse landscape and weather situations and then program it to meet your plants’ water needs.  By having an automatic irrigation system, you will be able to customize your watering of various types of plants such as the sloped lawn area, several trees, and the ground-cover area.

For example, you can set the watering of the lawn in three short time intervals of five minutes daily with an additional 30-minute break between watering to avoid runoff from the slope or to water the trees on a drip system once for two hours every month.

Automate Everything!

All these tasks can be easily accomplished by programming your controllers. With this controller, an automatic can be applied extensively to various types of irrigation system namely, drip irrigation system, farm irrigation system, landscape irrigation system, golf course irrigation systemsprinkler irrigation system and micro drip irrigation system.

One amazing feature of an automatic irrigation system is that it comes with a rain shut-off device capability whereby the controller will automatically override the call for water when rain is detected by the rain sensor. The actual rain shut-off device is charged separately since it is often not included with the controller.

Diagnostic circuitry is embedded in the automatic irrigation system in case a power failure occurs so that the controller can be periodically checked for any changes or problems as soon as possible. Unchecked failure can lead to unnecessary water wastage. Most of the controllers in the market retain the set program in case of a power failure by means of non-volatile memory storage supported by a battery back-up. This ensures that should there be a four-hour power failure the watering times would not be affected.

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Garden SprinklerTo conclude, an automatic irrigation system enables an extensive and efficient watering of plants of various climates and landscapes. Most importantly, it enables water saving especially during rainy seasons of Malaysia’s unpredictable climates. Our company specializes in serving clients all over Malaysia especially within the region of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor such as Klang, Petaling Jaya, Cheras, and Kepong. Our services comprises of irrigation system, water features, rainwater harvesting system installation and sprinkler system. For more detailed information regarding water saving opportunities in the landscape irrigation and also automatic irrigation system, contact us now at +6018-3866453!


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