Sprinkler System

Grow More With Less!

The sprinkler system is the popular choice in the irrigation system. Averaging 60 percent efficiency, this method saves more water than conventional flood irrigation methods which have an efficiency of around 35 to 55 percent. Pipes and sprinkler system heads are utilized in channeling water to the plants from the water source or water catchment area. Three common types of sprinkler system are solid set, periodic move, and pressurized wheel line.


SprinklerSolid set sprinkler systems are permanently set on the ground and remain static, meaning that it cannot be moved around the field. This type of sprinkler system is typically used in vineyards, orchards, and other perennial plants that are not plowed.

Periodic move sprinkler systems, as the name suggests, are the complete opposite to the solid set sprinkler systems as they are continuous in their movement. They need to be manually moved to another location.

Pressurized wheel line or commonly known as side-roll sprinkler systems works using a motor but requires manual handling and adjustment when it comes to changing the position of the sprinkler line. The disadvantage of this system is that each part of this system needs to be disassembled and moved by hand to water the next section of the field. Farms are divided into sections or areas whereby the farmers will water one area until it is fully saturated before moving on to another area.

Generally, sprinkler irrigation system is more prone to be affected by the wind than flood systems. This should not be a concern in Malaysia though as the climate is generally hot and humid throughout the year.

Garden Sprinkler SystemWe believe that agriculture is always trying to do more with less; increase production with less water and land. This where we fit in to help assist you in conserving water and save cost, which can otherwise be allocated to other priorities. Give us a call now and our friendly customer service will guide you from there!


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