Rock Garden Water Feature

Rock GardenWhat Is A Rock Garden?

A rock garden refers to a small plot of area designed to emphasize a variety of aesthetically arranged rocks, stones, boulders and pebbles. Sometimes, there are plants, sometimes not. Although designed to create an image of peace, the vast expanse of land covered in rocks may project an image of parched and barren land. However, with the addition of a water feature in your rock garden, the image of barrenness is washed away to reveal a quietly elegant and powerful aura.

Benefits Of Rock Garden

Water features are an important aspect to consider when setting up a rock garden. It softens the atmosphere of your rock garden and takes away the hardness of a rocky plain, especially those designed without plants. The soft bubbling and gurgling of the water feature projects an image of life by providing movement amongst the stillness of the rock garden. Thus sweeping aside the feeling of coldness and loneliness of a rock garden. The serenity of a rock garden is also further enhanced by the sound of water. The flowing water soothes the soul and calms the mind, leaving many in a relaxed state. This principle is often used in Zen gardens where water features are commonly installed in order to induce a state of relaxation and improve mental concentration.

Common rock garden water features are bamboo water features, stream water features, waterfall water features, fountain water features or wall water features. These water features tend to be simple in design, so as to complement the simplicity and minimalism of a rock garden. A large, imposing water feature such as a wall or waterfall water feature leans towards a rougher image of toughness and wilderness while a softer approach can be used to negate the cold feeling of loneliness. Simply by adding a small, unassuming water feature, the rock garden will breathe with the warmness of life yet project an image of quietness and serenity.

We offer You The Best Design!

Water FeatureNo rock garden is truly completed without a beautiful water feature in it. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or send us an inquiry about the design and installation of a water feature in your rock garden. Let us come up with the best design to complement your garden, we will be more than happy to serve at any time!!


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