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Irrigation Service

Our company has always taken pride in providing excellent service to customers who cherish their farms, lawns or gardens. We serve customers nationwide ranging from Penang across the city of Kuala Lumpur and to Johor Bahru.

Our company focuses on making a difference to the country in terms of water conservation by means of setting up a complete irrigation system combined with rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater harvesting system is the among the best ways to conserve water as Malaysia is blessed with an abundance of rainfall.

Next, our company also specializes in irrigation piping and sprinkler system. Irrigation piping can be a tricky task especially when the location of the water source is far or due to complex geographical area. We as the expert, are able to utilize our experience to accurately ensure that the piping works are done meticulously and professionally so that you as our customers will have a peace of mind.

Improving the landscapes via water features are among our proudest work as we can beautify the scenery with calming flow of water and greeneries. We are experienced with designing  picturesque water feature landscapes both indoor and outdoor.

Irrigation System

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Rainwater Harvesting

Water Features