Green Wall Landscape

Like many other developing countries, Malaysia is facing continuing pressure from increasing globalization and modernization. Rapid population growth and urban development have changed the natural environments into areas of highly engineered infrastructure with cars, industrial machinery, factories and corporate buildings. Retention of solar energy by buildings and paved surface leads to the formation of urban heat islands that can have negative effects on human health and stress level. The transition from natural landscape to the built environment has led to the drastic loss of vegetation and habitats as well as increased surface run-off, each of these being exacerbated by an increasingly variable climate. Collectively, these issues pose detrimental environmental, economic and social challenges and therefore, require new innovative solutions to make our cities more livable, now and into the future.

What Is A Green Wall Landscape?

In essence, a green wall landscape comprises of plants grown in supported vertical systems attached to an internal or external wall and in some cases, freestanding. Green walls provide an attractive design feature as it incorporates vegetation, growing medium, irrigation and drainage into a single system. A green wall landscape can either be a green wall that incorporates multiple plantings to create the vegetation cover or green facades that consist of a fewer number of plants that climb and spread to provide cover.

A green wall landscape has added benefits of providing building insulation via the direct shading of the wall surface, creating cooler microclimates, improving air quality and providing the possibility of growing plants in places that normally does not support vegetative growth. Herbaceous plants and small shrubs are some of the wide range of plants used on green walls as they are easy to maintain and handle. When planning an indoor green wall, the provision of adequate light is an important consideration. At times, artificial lighting may be necessary.

Green City Is Not A Dream!

Vertical GardenHydro Solution believes in contributing to a sustainable urbanization and city development. Cities should not be just all concrete jungles and gray pavements but should also have a symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature through green walls, green roofs, and vertical gardens. A green wall landscape provides an efficient means to land utilization as well as a healthier option of reducing surrounding temperature compared to switching on the air conditioner. Give us a call now and let us help you in creating a beautiful green wall landscape.


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