Landscape Irrigation System

What is Landscape Irrigation?

Landscape irrigation system is a watering system used for creating and maintaining gardens, lawns, and custom landscape especially when the landscape plantings with various water needs are often mixed together in one garden. The irrigation system of the landscape serves the purpose of ensuring regular spreading of water throughout the landscape, for instance there are various types of means to water the plants with the popular ones are drip irrigation and sprinkler system. With the increasingly hot and humid climate in Malaysia, irrigation is required almost daily for plant care. We specialize in dealing with irrigation of various landscapes such as golf course irrigation, lawn irrigation system, agricultural irrigation and farm irrigation systems. The best thing about irrigation system is that you can easily automate your watering. Our automatic sprinkler system is one such example.

In practice, there are a few main factors taken into consideration in designing an irrigation system namely the size of the area, exposure to the sun and the wind and soil drainage. In most cases, you have probably noticed that certain areas of the garden have the tendency to dry out faster than others, depending on sunlight and wind exposure, differing soil drainage and competition from tree roots for available water. By having knowledge on these, you can easily identify and estimate accurately the amount of water needed by a certain plant and take appropriate steps needed (e.g. inserting faster and more drippers to take care of thirstier plants).

Overhead versus Underground

Overhead landscape irrigation system is ideal for flower and vegetable gardens, which is more or less similar and can be coupled in usage with micro drip irrigation system, but not practical for most lawn irrigation in which our lawn drip irrigation system is more suitable. One benefits, however, would be it does not affect the appearance of the existing landscape through the creation of trenches or protruding equipment from the earth.

The underground irrigation system is usually preferred over drip irrigation or overhead irrigation as it generally consists of easily-concealed pop-up sprinkler heads and automatic timers. Despite the relatively expensive price, this irrigation method helps to cut down on water cost over the long run as the water is applied directly to the roots of plants and thus reduces water loss through evaporation.

Reliable Team of Experts – How do We Do It?

Farm Irrigation

From the aforementioned information, our team will generally follow up by dividing a certain landscape to a number of zones for instance one requiring frequent, relatively shallow watering and the other infrequent, deeper water. A large landscape typically requires different zones namely the hedges, trees, a shade garden and perennial beds in full sun.

Our team of experienced experts provides nothing but the best service for our customers in the field of designing the best-optimized landscape irrigation system. Call us now for our latest offer!


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