Garden Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System Piping

Water Without Hassle!

Manual watering by hand is among the best methods to provide water to your garden. However, this conventional method is time-consuming and labor intensive. This tends to discourage people from aspiring for a garden due to the troubles and hassles in taking care of it. This is where our services fit into the picture by designing and installing a comprehensive irrigation system to satisfy the water needs of your garden or future garden-to-be.

Benefits Of Garden Sprinkler System

To maintain a healthy, dense, green, actively growing turf, water is a prerequisite, especially during dry spells seasons. While many tend to think that lack of water will damage the lawn, overwatering, in fact, will cause even more damage. Overwatering your garden or lawn may lead to some potential consequences such as increased crabgrass pressure, increased diseases incidence, shallow rooting and higher water bills. Installing a sprinkler system for your garden bears a myriad of advantages namely improved aesthetics of your landscape, healthier plant materials, reduced water use and water costs as efficient irrigation results in less water use, reduced use of chemicals due to the sprouting of diseases and pest problems with improper watering and reduced mineral run-offs. When watering your garden, it is always a prudent choice to err on the dry side rather than to be guilty of overwatering.

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We at Hydro Solution understands our customers’ needs and therefore provides a well installed and maintained irrigation piping and irrigation system that will give your garden many years of service. With our vast experience catering for the needs of customers from Cheras, Damansara, and Puchong, we are absolutely certain that we are able to meet your irrigation needs and requirements. A garden sprinkler system is not as complex as it sounds but in fact, is easy to grasp once you break it down into components which are pipes, valves, sprinklers and irrigation controller. We will do all the installation work for you as well maintenance to ensure that the garden sprinkler system has a top-notch performance. Call us now to get your free quotation!


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