Pop Up Sprinkler System

The Invisible Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are able to save on water bills as it can be programmed to ensure that your plants receive the correct amount of water without being over-watered or under-watered. That’s why many homeowners have turned to installing water sprinkler systems in their gardens and lawns, especially pop-up sprinkler systems.

The pop-up sprinkler system is a type of underground sprinkler system, all the pipelines and sprinkler heads are buried underground so that nothing shows on the surface. The sprinkler heads pop out of the ground when the system is activated and withdraws back into the ground afterward. That means that the entire sprinkler system is kept out of view except during the pre-programmed watering schedule, allowing homeowners to maintain a healthy garden without messy pipelines ruining the beauty of their gardens. The underground system also prevents any mishaps in the garden, such as tripping over pipelines strewn about the garden or bruising your toes against an exposed sprinkler head.

Various Types Of Sprinkler Head

There are several types of pop-up sprinkler heads out there, depending on the amount of water output you require and the water pressure from your main pipeline. Each type of sprinkler head is unique in their respective features in terms of pressure requirement, water output and spray pattern, so there’ll definitely be something to suit your needs. Therefore, the sprinkler system can be customized to provide suitable and efficient coverage over the different plant types and soil types in your garden.  After all, the benefit of using a pop-up sprinkler system is the efficient use of water to reduce runoff and wastage!

Let Us Guide You

Lawn Sprinkler SystemWe are more than happy to provide a helping hand in planning and choosing the perfect sprinkler system for your garden, so give us a call anytime!


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