Irrigation Sprinkler Repair

Efficient Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation system is a trending and convenient method for irrigating lawns, gardens, and landscape plantings, not only in Malaysia but also globally. With permanently installed sprinkler heads and programmable timer controller, one can rest assured that the plants would be watered at the right time with the right amount of water.

Embrace the Unpredictable

While the systems are designed to require only minimal and timely maintenance, component failure and damage are at times unavoidable due to unforeseen situations. Hence, whenever this undesirable event happens, prompt reparation work need to be carried out to prevent loss or damage to the landscape and wasted water.

First and foremost, in identifying a faulty irrigation system, one should see if there is any dry turf in a landscape or garden as that might mean lack of water which might be due to a broken sprinkler or some other plausible reasons leading to the loss of water pressure in the irrigation system. Resetting the irrigation timer to water longer than needed to compensate for the dry areas would not solve anything. Rather, it would make the situation worse and your water bills higher.

Basic Irrigation Problems

Some of the basic problems commonly encountered that might require the help of an irrigation contractor include clogged sprinklers and valve leaks. At times, the sprinkler heads become clogged over time by debris and dirt trapped in the filter or nozzle of the sprinkler, thus reducing the water flow rate. Leaks can also occur in the sprinklers due to the seals become worn over time or as a direct result of damage that occurred during mowing or other lawn maintenance. Automobiles (golf cart etc.) might accidentally drive over the sprinklers, resulting in large leaks. Leakage in an irrigation system will lead to significant loss of water pressure and subsequently dry areas in the landscape due to ununiformed watering. Apart from a higher water bill due to unchecked water loss, overly wet areas near the leakage can lead to disease and fungus growth.

Landscape areas can change over time, which is why it is important to take into consideration the overall irrigation system design prior to modifying the landscape. For instance, a rotor or nozzle obstructed by a large shrub can cause water to pool right beside the sprinkler. The irrigation system could be modified by replacing sprinklers with either drippers or micro irrigation depending on the type of plantings. Should there be a need for major design changes, it is always best to contact an irrigation contractor.

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