Green Wall

Green WallPlants have served the humanity since the beginning of time by supplying food, clothing, building materials as well as a host of other goods. With the rise of global warming due to current uncontrolled globalization, town planners, designers and urban advocates are once again turning to plants into green infrastructure to provide cleaner air and water, while improving human health and general mental well-being. The advent of the modern industrial city and the rising global population has driven the real estate price to a premium and therefore, building parks or gardens might be potentially costly and might exceed the provisional budget. Green walls or commonly known as vertical gardens is the key strategy to providing a sustainable living to a growing population as it involves the integration of the living, organic systems with the inorganic and lifeless modern structures.

The Natural Urban Greenery

The abundance of walls in cities bears a huge potential with minimal effort to be transformed into a serene and picturesque green landscape. Other than being merely aesthetically pleasant, indoor green walls help to biofilter indoor air and provide thermal regulation so as to help you save substantial cost on air conditioning and air filter. The presence of root microbes in removing airborne volatile organic compounds and foliage in absorbing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide produces cool fresh air and improve clean air circulation throughout the building’s interior.

Green walls have a great potential for positive environmental change and scalability especially when we are dealing with dense urban areas, given the abundant availability of large surface areas on buildings for retrofitting to these technologies. One good example befitting this is the significant reduction of carbon emissions concentrated in multi-level parking areas by the presence of large leafy areas. A green wall with a mass of plant leaf material can provide shading and canopy while removing air pollutants and heavy metal particles.

Help Us Create A Better Future!

earth-661447_640To conclude, green walls are the key to the new type of living architecture, consisting of multi-disciplinary blending of landscape architecture, engineering, and horticulturist. Hydro Solution is committed to the greening of cities and buildings. We recognize that plants, being an underutilized commodity, bears a tremendous economic, social and environmental benefits not only across Malaysia but also globally. To date, we have worked closely with our clients to understand better their needs and provide them with a comprehensive solution. Call us now and together we bring about a sustainable change to urban living and technology building.


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