Bamboo Water Feature

Bamboo Water FeatureBring An Asian Atmosphere To Your Home

Thinking of adding a water feature to your home? Try a bamboo water feature!! Bamboo water features add a touch of the Asian element without being tacky or overwhelming. Instead, the simplicity of a bamboo water feature exudes a sense of elegance and culture which instantly redefines the look and atmosphere of your home.

Not only is a bamboo water feature a great addition to improve the ambience of your home, it also improves the feng shui of your house. The water element has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and abundance in feng shui. The steady flow of water is believed to increase the flow of energy by diffusing healthy negative ions and preventing stagnation in the energy flow. A steady rhythmic flow of water is also calming and relaxing, creating a sense of peace and well-being. Many Zen gardens apply this calming effect to encourage relaxation for meditation.

Types Of Bamboo Water Feature

The four main types of bamboo water features are the tower, barrel, feeder spout (kakei) and sozu. The tower is a simple water feature where water flows through several standing bamboo segments of different lengths, starting from the tallest to the shortest, connected by connecting water spouts. The barrel is made of a bamboo column and attached to the top of the column is a large hollow barrel with a water spout for water to trickle out from. The feeder spout, also known as kakei in Japanese, simply involves a water spout protruding from a large bamboo column to produce a steady stream of water.

The sozu is one of the more famous Asian water features consisting of a hollow bamboo tube attached to a pivot. Water enters the bamboo tube, accumulates and eventually becomes heavy enough to rotate the tube on its pivot. The rotation causes the bamboo tube to pour out the accumulated water and then settle back into its starting position with a gentle knocking sound.

We Help You Achieve Your Dream!

Bamboo Water FeatureBamboo water features are minimalistic yet gives off an air of sophistication and culture. It isn’t just limited to the garden and can be a great addition in any household or even workspace. The addition of a simple and small bamboo water feature will brighten up the area immediately and improve the ambience of the area.

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