Drip Sprinkler System


Automate Your Plants Watering!

Looking for an efficient way to water your individual plants in pots and containers with little to no effort? Look no further!! Consider getting yourself a drip sprinkler system!! Unlike a spray sprinkler system which covers a larger area, drip sprinkler systems are perfect solutions to watering individual plants. They are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of areas to suit all your plant types.

Types of Drip Sprinklers

There are two types of drip sprinklers – drip or bubblers. Drip maintains a slow and steady flow rate of water which soaks right into the soil whereas bubblers have a faster flow rate which floods the area without a specific target. Since the water drips directly into the ground, low water loss occurs as little water is lost to evaporation and runoff. While bubblers may seem a little less water efficient compared to drip, it really depends on the types of plants in your garden and the watering style you’d like to employ. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us with your questions.

As Convenient As It Can Be

Drip sprinklers are great because they employ a point watering system. You just need to place the drip emitter close to your targeted plant and voila! The water just soaks right down into the soil and moisturises the root systems of the plant. This helps to promote deep root systems in the plants, allowing your plants to grow big and strong while avoiding excess contact of water on your plants and between your plants. It’s important because wet plant parts attract insects and are more prone to disease and rot. Less watering between plants will also reduce water use and weed growth between plants.

Stay in Control – Manage Your Water Usage


You can control the desired flow rate by using different drip emitters and customising it to your plant needs. That way, you can control just how much water your plants receive. Since the flow rate of drip sprinklers is gentle on the soil, no splattering or washing off of the surface soil occurs. Not only does it reduce erosion, but it also reduces the rate of nutrient leaching as no water runoff occurs. Thus, it helps to maintain the nutrient balance in the soil.

In short, installing a drip sprinkler system saves time, effort, money and water spent on maintaining your garden due to the high efficiency of the system. Why wait any longer to get one? Call us now for more information!


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