Outdoor Green Wall

Vertical GardenHaving an outdoor green wall is a great aesthetic improvement to your real estate and a huge traffic magnet if you are operating a restaurant or commercial retail shops. In an urban city, there are a lot of opportunities to design a green wall that bears a tremendous visual impact with the presence of public park buildings, transit shelters, large parking structures, campus buildings and urban streets. Utilizing the plant texture offers inviting qualities to potential customers and guests.

Create Your Own Natural Scenery

Wall mounted and freestanding green walls can be designed to screen and isolate unpleasant views or sceneries such as big chunk of mechanical equipment, service areas, storage access and other essential building’s system requirements that might not be that aesthetically appealing in the eyes of the public. These opportunities exist for both interior and exterior applications as well as the integration into rooftop environments. Due to the vertical nature of the green wall, large and efficient green areas can be created with a relatively small footprint and without occupying a large space without hindering the system performance aspects of a building.

We Bring Mother Nature To You

Creating a stunning green wall element for a waiting zone, a building entrance, a healing garden or a rooftop garden could lead to a significant and measurable improvement of human condition that Vertical Gardenonly Mother Nature can effectively provide. This specific advantage is unique to the human experience exclusively in a concrete jungle and built environment. Hydro Solution aims to provide our customers with that kind of aesthetic experience. From plant selection to the application of appropriate green wall irrigation technology, you can expect nothing but our very best commitment. We have served customers all over Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, and Johor Bahru. Our project gallery can testify to our quality service. Contact us now and together we can contribute to the noble effort of urban reforestation.


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