Pop Up Sprinkler System in Kuala Lumpur

What Is A Pop Up Sprinkler System?

Pop up sprinkler system refers to sprinklers that ‘pop up’ when in operation and are concealed when not in use thus reducing the chances of accidentally tripping or even potential vandalism. Pop up bodies can be used with fixed radius heads, rotary nozzle types, and gear drives.

Available in a variety of sizes and models, they are best used in turf areas instead of garden beds so that there would not be any vegetation blocking the spray path. It is imperative to keep the vegetation clear of all sprays especially when used in garden beds as this can hinder other plants from obtaining an adequate amount of water for survival.

Trending Choice of Irrigation

Pop up sprinkler system is fast becoming the popular choices amongst the homeowners in Malaysia especially in the region of Kuala Lumpur for maintaining a picture perfect landscape. The pipework and the sprinklers are completely hidden from view since they are all buried neatly underground. The pop-up sprinklers will only rise from the ground whenever the system is in operation and will retract back down when the system is turned off automatically according to the preset time in the controller. Pop up sprinkler system is ideal for various types of gardens and landscapes especially for watering grass areas such as for the purpose of golf course irrigation and also for watering flower beds.

Dividing your Garden

For a small garden, it is possible to water all the plants all at once. However, when dealing with a huge garden or landscape, watering needs to be done in stages and will require division or segmentation of garden into areas with different watering needs. This can be easily done by using colored pencils or markers and a simple map or outline of your garden with the plantings in it.

Different plant areas have different needs of water depending on their level of sunlight and wind exposure and hence should be watered separately. To simplify the piping works, it is usually easier to designate the front, back and side lawns as separate areas even if they are small. Moreover, plants that require infrequent, deep watering such as trees and shrubs should be watered separately from those that require frequent, shallow watering such as annuals and vegetables.

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