Pond Water Feature

PondAdds Dynamic To Your Home With A Pond!

A pond water feature for your landscape or garden add a unique dimension to homes, both indoor and outdoor. Even with a limited space, you can design a water feature that creates an exciting dynamic in your backyard and garden areas. Koi ponds and water gardens, for instance, are popular among fish enthusiast. Nishikigoi, which is the ornamental varieties of domesticated fish, adorns the water of your outdoor koi ponds or water gardens.

Building the perfect garden pond is simple if it were to be done systematically, which is our specialty nevertheless. We give you the choice of choosing your own style of ponds whether it is liner ponds, pre-formed ponds, self-contained water features and waterfalls.

The Right Location To Install

As the future owner of a beautiful pond water feature, it is wise to take heed of certain tips in choosing the right location for installation. First and foremost, it is unwise to select a position close to overhanging trees as falling leaves will contaminate the water. Next, it is dangerous to install a water feature in the area with power chords underground.

Sunlight is equally important for ensuring a lush and green garden as well as a beautiful water feature. Hence, do choose a level site which gets sunlight for at least half of the day. Last but not least, it is best practice to install the pond where it can easily be observed from the house.

We will generally install a circuit breaker or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, otherwise known as GFCI, with any installation of pond equipment as a safety measures to automatically turn off an electric power circuit when current flowing along an unintended path such as through water or a person is detected.

We Offers Our Best Support To You!

Water Feature

Our team of professionals and experienced crew will ensure that your pond water feature blends well with your landscape in the most natural way possible. We offer advice and suggestions on how to choose the right rocks for your water feature as well what plants to add to your splendid garden in order to bring color and interest to a pond.

Call us now and we will guide you from there!


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