Industrial Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater HarvestingNew Industrial Resources Preservation Solution!

In today’s time and age, there is an increasing awareness among industries of their responsibility towards the environment. As technology continues to advance, there is a growing concern of the effects of this advancement on our natural environment and one of the main concern is clean water. At Hydro Solution, we are aware of the need for clean water as well as the challenges faced in obtaining them and we have a solution. An industrial rainwater harvesting system is a good way of saving and preserving our natural resource of water as it provides environmental benefits as well as economical benefits.

How Does A Rainwater Harvesting System Works?

A rainwater harvesting system is a process of collecting and storing rainwater for usages such as building cleaning, cooling towers and fire suppression in your industry, landscape irrigation and toilet flushing. This harvesting system acts as a filter to flush off initial contamination in rainwater before collection. An industrial rainwater harvesting system must be meticulously planned as an incomplete system may result in the collection of contaminated rainwater and in turn have negative effects on your machines.

A basic harvesting system follows a fixed process to ensure that the rainwater collected is safe to be used in your industry and Hydro Solution will ensure that for you. First, the catchment area of the rainwater will be set up at the rooftop of your building for maximum collection. Then a conveyance device will be installed which will be our quality gutters and downpipe to carry the rainwater throughout the harvesting system. The rainwater will then be filtered through a screener, strainer or sometimes a filter mesh to remove any particles in the rainwater. The next step will be the First Flush which works to flush away any initially contaminated rainwater which has been filtered but unclean. The clean rainwater will be stored in specially installed rainwater harvesting tanks either above ground or even buried in the ground, depending on your preference. Various distribution outlets will be fixed to ensure a smooth flow of clean rainwater to the necessary areas.

Best Investment For Cost Reduction!

Save Earth

You will not only be able to conserve the usage of clean water by filtering rainwater but you will also be saving a large amount of money by using rainwater in your industry, as you do your part in protecting our environment. So, look no further and contact us today at +6018-3866453 for a free consultation and watch as your very own industrial rainwater harvesting system helps your industry as well as be environmentally responsible. Join us as we create a better world.


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