Commercial Rainwater Harvesting System

With the recent boom in green technology, commercial rainwater harvesting systems have stepped into the limelight Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systemas one of the cheapest and simplest green systems to be installed. Rainwater harvesting systems are based on a beautifully simple concept – collect the falling rainwater, store it, cleanse it, and use it for everything except direct consumption.

Since the entire system relies mainly on gravity and the weather, the cost of installation and maintenance of a commercial rainwater harvesting system is very low. In fact, nothing fancy is involved, all you need for a perfect functioning system are suitable storage tanks, filters and purifiers, pumps and a processor unit to oversee and control all the processes involved. The installation of a commercial rainwater harvesting system is so easy, with everything tailored to your requirements and pre-assembled before delivering to you as per scheduled, the daily commercial activities will hardly be affected at all.

Diverse Usage

The use of rainwater allows many commercial buildings, ranging from offices, shops, malls, museums, schools to industrial facilities, to reduce their usage of water from the mainlines. Not only can the collected rainwater be applied in more domestic aspects such as flushing toilets, irrigation and sprinkler systems, laundry and vehicle washing, it can also be applied in the industrial processes and cooling systems of industrial facilities.

With such diverse uses of the harvested rainwater, harvesting rainwater allows these commercial businesses to increase their economic benefits by reducing the consumption of water from the mainline which in turn reduces the water bills. The system is environmentally-friendly as the use of collected rainwater prevents the shortage of water resources, reduces storm-water runoffs and helps to mitigate floods, especially in urban areas.

Go Green, Maintain Loyalty!

Save EarthIn light of the focus on conservation in recent years, green technology is an important aspect to consider for many businesses to maintain the loyalty of customers who are becoming increasingly aware of conservation and environmental issues. So, pick up the phone and dial us up, we’ll be more than happy to give you a hand in setting up a rainwater harvesting system on your commercial premises.


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