Underground Rainwater Harvesting System

The underground rainwater harvesting system is an interesting and unique system in the way that the storage tank is Underground Rainwater Harvesting Systemplaced underground. This uniqueness makes this system compelling for those who wish to install a rainwater harvesting system but do not have a suitable location that could provide enough space for the installation of the system. The underground storage tank is also an advantage for those who do not like to have a big storage tank placed beside their house. The rainwater can be collected from the rooftop and is channeled to the underground storage tank through piping and gutters.

Pros And Cons

This system can be combined with the irrigation system. Acting as the source of water, this system is able to supply water for the irrigation system using the water collected in the storage tank. Hence, you can use this combined system to maintain a healthy garden in your home and not to forget the best part – watering is free! Moreover, you can supply your water features such as fountain and pond using the water stored in the tank.

Although the benefit of underground rainwater harvesting system looks very interesting, it does have one troublesome disadvantage. Since the storage tank is located underground, it is quite a headache when cleaning the storage tank. One will need to get to the basement where the storage tank is located in order to clean it. Depending on how the passage leading towards the basement is designed, it might be quite uncomfortable when doing the cleaning job. Fortunately, we have a specialised team dedicated to rainwater harvesting system maintenance. So, just give us a call when you need it and we will have it done in no time.

Professional Installation Service

Irrigation ServiceIf you are interested in this underground rainwater harvesting system, you can contact us anytime. We would be more than happy to help you in designing a rainwater harvesting system that best suits your need. Once the design is done we can proceed with the installation. That’s right, all you need to do is to sit down and we will get the entire job done.


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