Automatic Sprinkler System

Bored of Watering Your Plants? Get Automated Now!

The recent weather has been scorching, be it day or night, making going outside to water the withering plants feels unbearable. Are you tired of standing under the hot sun watering the plants with your dripping sweat? Perhaps you could consider letting an automatic sprinkler system do your job while you enjoy the cool indoors.


What is Automatic Sprinkler System?

Automatic sprinkler systems include automatic garden sprinklers and automatic lawn sprinklers, helping you to ensure your greenery stays green. By installing an automatic sprinkler system, not only do you save time and effort (it does its job on its own!), you also save on water bills as automatic sprinkler systems come with sensors to detect the moisture content of your soil. That way, you never need to worry about over-watering your plants or wasting water on excess run-off!

Type of Automatic Sprinklers

There are several types of sprinklers, such as spray-type sprinklers, drip sprinklers, underground sprinklers and rotary sprinklers. The types of sprinklers to use depend on the plants you have as well as the topography and landscape of your garden. Sprinkler systems are highly customizable to suit your needs, which makes it so easy to use in any type of garden!!

Drip Irrigation

How Does It Work?

Automatic sprinkler systems can be controlled by rain sensors, rain gauges, timers and moisture sensors. Rain sensors and rain gauges work by detecting and monitoring rainfall. That means the sprinklers don’t turn on in the rain (in fact it shuts off the system immediately when it rains!!).

Once the water levels in the soil go back to normal, the sensor will signal the system to resume the normal running program. The automatic sprinkler systems can also be timed using timers to turn on during early mornings or late evenings when evaporation rate is at its lowest to reduce water wastage. Moisture sensors work by monitoring the soil moisture content, it doesn’t turn on when the soil is moist enough and it replenishes the water when the soil starts to dry.

Green Gardens With Little To No Effort At All!!

Automatic Sprinkler System

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