Indoor Vertical Garden System

Green WallA vertical garden, also known as green wall or living wall is a self-sufficient garden that is attached to the exterior or the interior walls of a building. They are different from green facades as green walls usually consist of a growing media whereas green facades have soil only at the base of the wall or at the roof top. The base supports climbing plants on the face of the wall to create the green or vegetated façade. The vertical garden concept was first founded by Stanley Hart White who patented a green wall system in the late 1930s. In vertical gardens, geotextile fabrics, growing media, irrigation system, and plants are used together in various types of modular panels.

Natural Air Conditioner

The indoor vertical garden system is particularly suitable for cities life which relies heavily on air conditioner to reduce the room temperature. For one story structure, it can reduce the cooling requirements and energy consumption by as much as 20 to 30 percent. A three to seven-degree temperature drop can significantly reduce the air conditioning requirements by as much as 10 percent. Talking about doing Mother Nature a favor and also improving the health of your employees and visitors!

We make Your Dream Into Reality!

Indoor vertical gardens are suitable for cities as they enable the efficient utilization of vertical surface areas. This is especially true when ground is a premium. They can serve a variety of purpose such as urban agriculture, urban gardening or simply as an artistic piece to be admired. Our team of experts at Hydro Solution can cater for your requirements as well as expose you to the limitless possibilities when it comes to designing your own vertical garden, be it indoors or outdoors, freestanding or attached to an existing wall and in a great variety of sizes. Give us a call now and together we will transform your buildings’ interior into a green haven.


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