Green Wall Installation

Green walls carry a myriad of benefits as a form of urban agriculture, especially where the land is scarce and the green walls of various sizes can make use of their vertical aspects to grow a variety of crops. Indoor farming and indoor vertical herb garden is no longer alien ideas but instead recognized as one of the simplest ways towards sustainable living.

Green wall installation takes into account four aspects which are irrigation, nutrients, light and the type of plants. A good irrigation system helps to optimize the water usage and can be fully automated in terms of the irrigation cycles and nutrient injection. A vertical garden surface typically has a variation of sun exposures, which is why the irrigation is often divided into segments or zones for efficient watering. The drip irrigation system is used for the vertical garden. It uses an average between 2 to 5 liters of water per meter squared per day, which is significantly lower compared to normal green spaces or a lawn.

The Installation РWhat You Should Be Aware Of

Lighting green walls, especially indoor ones, requires a highly specialized skill of a lighting designer or engineer as plants require very specific lighting quantities and qualities to carry out photosynthesis. The major mistakes often done by landscape designers are the insufficient artificial lighting provided to the green walls positioned in low light exposure areas. Extensive experience and knowledge of horticulture and in designing a green wall system is a must for our company as it is vital to get the positioning of plant species done correctly in accordance with the light levels available on-site.

Air movement around the foliage should be taken into consideration as well to prevent unwanted fungal growth. This problem is often less prevalent for outdoor green walls since they are usually able to manifest their own microclimate that in turns create adequate air movement. As for indoor green walls, which are often sheltered, the addition of ventilation might be a prerequisite to ensure sufficient air flows.

Let’s Make¬†Your Dream Come True!

Hydro Solution aims to bring out the very best of your dream vertical garden and green wall via proper installation techniques equipped with years of installation experience. Contact us now for more information.


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