Office Green Wall

The hydroponic green wall systems are perfect for an office environment as it enlivens the environment and mood ofgreenwall-2
the surroundings, providing fresh and cool air without heavy reliance on air conditioning. They can be installed in either modular containers or large panels. The system comprises of a growing medium in which the plants physically anchors, such as horticultural foam, a mineral fiber or a felt mat. These materials act as a water retentive sponge and are not easily susceptible to structural decay of the growing medium as essential nutrients are supplied in a precise and controlled manner. After a certain duration, the plant roots will grow and ramify to form a robust and steady network.

Soothing Office Environment

Green walls for the interior of offices can help to decrease the stress level of employees by absorbing the radiation emitted by machinery and computers which might lead to migraine, headache and eyesight problems upon prolonged exposure. Moreover, nothing is more relaxing than having an interior garden in the office that helps one to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Work need not be stressful and unhealthy after all right?

Green walls, constructed in the correct manner, can have a significant impact on the interior environment such as reduced temperature, fresher air and healthy mind health. Factors such as irrigation, application of artificial lighting and growing medium are crucial for plant survival. Appropriate levels of watering and nutrients need to be established so as to prevent minerals build up that may end up retarding the plants’ growth.

Best Service In Malaysia

forest-city-country-garden-pacific-view-johor-vertical-gardenHydro Solution specializes in creating a splendid interior green wall landscape for your office, equipped with fully automated irrigation and artificial lighting so that our customers can enjoy the beauty of nature without necessarily being burdened by the hassle of watering and maintaining the plants. Call us now and let our friendly customer service assist you!


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