Micro Drip Irrigation System

What is Micro Drip Irrigation?

Micro-drip irrigation system is an accurate, metered method which will substantially reduce water consumption. This method includes both above and below ground drip irrigation, ensuring that your plants receive sufficient amount of water that allows them to have a healthy growth.

Why Waste when you can save?

Using this method of irrigation allows you to automatically control your garden or lawn watering via an automatic water timer. This way, you can water your plants at the correct time of the day depending on your local geographical weather. For Malaysia, watering frequency can be increased during times of hot climate such as the beginning of the year and reduced accordingly during monsoon season at the end of the year. Manjung district in Perak, Malaysia which is one of the few hot spots in Malaysia might require more amount of water as well more drip frequency to ensure that the plants receive an adequate amount of water.

Simple Installation –¬†We Keep Things Simple and Effective

Our services basically comprise of a few simple steps of installation which are to establish connections to the water supply, design a water transport network, channeling water to the plants, securing pipes in place and lastly ensure that the plants receive adequate amount of water. The first step itself plays a vital role as we will install a water filter and pressure regulator which prevents the water pressure from exceeding 1.5 bar to ensure proper functioning of the system.

Types of Watering Outlets

Micro-drip irrigation system comes in three types of watering outlets namely drip heads, spray nozzles and sprinklers.

  • Drip heads provide a regularly measured drip at the base of the plant to ensure that the root of the plants absorbs most of the water. Some drip heads provide fixed flow rate while some are adjustable. Drip heads are suitable for containers, hanging baskets, hedges or individual plants in beds and borders.
  • Spray nozzles deliver a light spray in a variety of spray patterns from 90 degrees to 360 degrees, which allows you the flexibility to set up your drip irrigation system. Spray nozzles are usually applied on beds, borders or vegetable plots.
  • Sprinklers refer to mini-sprinklers which are able to water range of different areas for instance square, rectangular, circular or long strips. They are commonly used for beds, borders or vegetable plots.

Automation at Its Finest

Drip irrigationTo sum it all up, the micro-drip irrigation system is perfect for automatically watering your lawn, flower beds, vegetable plots, and garden as it only requires a low pressure of water. Hence, even when you are away for work you can rest assured that you can come home to see a splash of different colors from different flowers. Give us a call now and join our list of satisfied customers!


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