Hydroponic Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

The history of hydroponics can be traced back deep into the past to the famous hanging gardens of Babylon, Aztec floating gardens and World War 2 hydroponics in Western Pacific. Since the creation of synthetic plastics, which became a major game changer for various industries, there has been a boom of hydroponics usage for space programs, vertical farming, crop- growing in desserts and large-scale food production. With hydroponics, crops can be grown where the local soil is unsuitable, for example, the dessert. Next, there would be a reduced plant disease as the plants are bred indoors or at nurseries where it is easier to control, move and monitor, leading to increased yields.

Coupled with the concept of vertical garden, which grows plants on walls, hydroponics vertical garden takes most bending and kneeling out of traditional plant care techniques, apart from having a cooling effect on the space around them. Designing and creating a hydroponic vertical garden does not necessarily require soil especially when you are planning to grow vining plants such as peas, cucumbers, and tomatoes which have the tendency to grow out, up or sprawl.

How To Grow A Hydrophonic Vertical Garden?

Essentially, growing plants that do not mind growing out, instead of up, will fit best into this category of hydroponics vertical garden concept. Likewise, it is fairly feasible too to include a selection of flowering plants such as alyssum, impatiens, moss and roses to fill in the extra room on the living wall. We at Hydro Solution are glad to make that happen for you.

The garden can be watered with a drip irrigation system. Vertical irrigation tubes can be placed on the garden wall to keep water from paneling so that water constantly drips into the medium culture. Also, it helps to put the waterproof barrier on before fastening the frame to the wall to keep mold from growing.

Installation Made Easy!

Vertical GardenShould you require the installation of hydroponics vertical gardens for your premises or commercial lots, feel free to contact Hydro Solution. Our experienced team can help you transform your building into an eco-friendly and comfortable sanctuary. Call us NOW and let us assist you!


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