Vertical Garden

Vertical GardenGot a blank wall that you want to spruce up, but haven’t decided how you’re going to go about it? Or maybe you’ve been thinking of adding some much-needed greenery, but don’t have space for it? With all the latest urban sustainable growth fads, we’ve come up with a solution for you! Think green, think vertical gardens!

With a vertical garden, you can plant flowers, herbs, vegetables and etc. without worrying about space issues!! Flowers and greens beautify a place like no other, and if you’re going for edibles – herbs and vegetables promote healthier living styles (No added chemicals or preservatives!). A vertical garden is sure to instantly turn bare spaces into beautiful living designs that will turn heads!

Why Vertical Garden?

Why select a vertical garden over so many other landscaping ideas? Vertical gardens are a great decorative choice as they are extremely pleasing to the eye. Everybody likes flowers, don’t they? Leafy greens also benefit us by improving the air quality, reducing the surrounding heat, and absorbing sounds thus creating a relaxing and soothing space within the building.

There are all kinds of designs for a hanging garden. It could be something simple like a bunch of pots hanging on a sturdy frame, or it could be something fancy like designer living wall landscapes. Whatever you’re looking for, we provide easy-to-install vertical garden systems that are great for both indoors and outdoors. Our systems are versatile and can be fitted to a large variety of wall structures and sizes. If required, we also have integrated irrigation and fertilization systems to help minimize the effort required to maintain the vertical garden.

Affordable For Everyone !

Vertical GardenWith our systems, we guarantee easy-to-maintain, eco-friendly and innovative designs that would allow anybody to create a beautiful wall of lush greenery. Contact us for more details on the types of vertical garden designs that we have to offer. We are sure we can provide you with a design that will surpass your expectations!


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