Lawn Drip Irrigation System

Water Your Lawn with Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation system for lawn watering enables more water saving compared to conventional lawn water sprinklers, especially during hot or windy sites. Weed invasion is also consequently reduced significantly in healthy, dense turf since there is no tropical moisture to enable seed germination.

Control the Amount of Water with Ease

Lawn drip irrigation system enables you to have a good control over the amount of water that different area receive. For examples, if a berm, a slope, and flat areas of turf are irrigated on the same valve, tubing can be placed close together on the berm to increase the precipitation rate and normal spacing can be used for the flat areas, with greater distance between lines as you approach the bottom of the slope. Slow, deep watering and precision control using drip irrigation can encourage tree growth without oversaturating it; equal amounts of water can be channeled to each lawn plants.

Generally, if you are opting to replace or put in a new lawn or perennial bed, drip irrigation (e.g. subsurface drip irrigation) bears numerous advantages over sprinklers in certain cases and may just fit your requirements perfectly. Its robust technology is proven reliable even in the harshest conditions.

Drip irrigation is preferred for lawns due to several reasons.

  • Negligible water loss due to evaporation
  • No overspray even in small or irregular areas
  • No runoff on slopes  and no water on the sidewalks or fences
  • Grass roots will grow deeper to seek water, making the lawn more resistant to drought and hot weather

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