Indoor Vertical Vegetable Garden

Hydroponics Vertical Garden

The growth spurt in urban populations has and will continue to create a unique set of environmental challenges both within the cities and the surrounding areas due to the large demands for food, energy, and water. As a direct result, removal of vegetation has been carried out to make room for urban expansion. Many of these problems will be further escalated by climate change, leading to associated health problems, rapid temperature changes, water quality, and food security.

Why Vertical Garden?

Vertical gardens, also commonly known as green walls or living walls, has been widely recognized as an economical way of farming or planting vegetables. In fact, this method is widely applied in developed nations as it is recognized as a feasible mean to reduce the pollution caused by globalization. Furthermore, it is a solution that offers many diverse applications with outcomes that are beneficial to the community as well as the environment.

There are limitless potential and possibilities in designing a vertical vegetable garden. Herbs and vegetables can be grown on the side of buildings, fences and mobile screens, which all the more highlight the usefulness of vertical farming and gardening in the arena of urban farming. Also, it can be applied on any scale, ranging from personal to commercial. For instance, when applied in restaurants, culinary schools, and institutions, such enterprises can use the produce to reduce costs and to provide healthy meals and nutritious herbs from previously underutilized locations or walls. In any event, a vegetated wall is the perfect embodiment of one of many opportunities to creatively utilize the vertical urban space.

Affordable For Everyone !

Vertical GardenAn indoor vertical vegetable garden for your home or your office offers a countless number of health and environmental benefits, both to the public and private sectors. Hydro Solution takes pride in helping you achieve that, if not more. Driven by the vision to create a sustainable urbanization in cities and equipped with the experience serving customers all over Malaysia such as Seremban, Penang, Pahang and Malacca, we can assure you with confidence that your investment will be worthwhile. Call us NOW to get your indoor vertical vegetable garden installed!


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