Outdoor Water Feature

Water Feature

Outdoor Living Space Transformation

Landscape water features can transform your outdoor living space and gardens into a tranquil and serene oasis or the so-called paradise on Earth. With the relaxing transcending white noise such as the sounds of flowing water, you can experience the vibrant ecosystem and life that nothing other than water elements could possibly offer to your home landscape.

Various Choices, Various Combinations!

Once you have your water feature design ready, the next step would be excavating the hole where the water feature will be placed. After which a liner would be placed to set the hole in place and lined with a waterproof silicone sealant to prevent leaks. A pump and filter would be installed along with your water feature to ensure smooth flowing water at all times as well as clean bacteria and mosquito free waters. Additional beauty features such as mosaic tiles or glass tiles may be added to the water feature to give it a glamorous look.

Bubbling Fountains

Imagine celebrating an intimate section in your garden with the bubbling sounds coming from gentle flowing fountains. A simple fountain conveys a bold statement especially to your guests whether as a hidden surprise or to mask the surrounding neighborhood noise.

By having fountains inside your garden or compounds, your outdoor home experience will be enhanced as well as becoming more enjoyable and restful. Most of our clients mentioned that inadequate space is a major problem for them when it comes to installing outdoor water features. Worry not as we understand how to solve this space inadequacy problem. We comprehend the fact that not everyone has space or compound large enough for a large scale garden pond, stream or even waterfall. A gurgling fountain, however, fits well into patios and garden areas which mean that you can still have a fountain alongside your existing gardens or plants.

Cascading Waterfalls

The serene sounds of the waterfall is perfect for outdoor especially if you combine well-designed water with a pond. This way, you can transform your backyard or lawn into a private sanctuary for birds, flora and fauna where you can enjoy serenity and relaxation alongside your families and friends. In a hot country like Malaysia, it would really make a difference to a person’s mood to be refreshed by the cool mist and breeze as well as the gentle sounds of your cascading garden waters while taking a stroll during a hot weather.

Vibrant Streams

Streams allow the beauty of water flow through your property, creating a sense of tranquility and presence. With the current innovation in landscaping technology, it is now possible to design and maintain with ease the babbling brook or stream.

Try to picture of how delightful it is to have meandering stream of ripple in as your outdoor water feature. The integration of playful streams, colorful Koi fish and lush flowering water plants will form a restful and exceptional landscape for you and your family, no doubt.

Tranquil Koi Ponds

Koi ponds can be featured as a dominant focal point in larger landscapes and/or combined with other water features such as spas and waterfalls for maximum impact. Adding a water pond helps to create an exciting dynamic in your garden areas. Pond water features is a stunning outdoor water feature and the best part is that you can select according to your own liking from quiet, still shallow ponds to active formal pools.

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