Garden Drip Irrigation System


Less Water Consumption, Better Results!

Among many irrigation systems, there is one that you might not have heard of and that is a garden drip irrigation system. This irrigation system is a highly efficient way to water your greenery as it saves you time and helps to conserve precious supplies. Based on studies, it shows that a well-designed garden drip irrigation system uses at least 30 percent and sometimes 50 percent, less water than any other methods of watering. To put it simply, a garden drip irrigation system is a low-pressure, low-volume watering system that delivers water directly to the root zone of a plant, where it slowly seeps into the soil one drop at a time.

Minimize Water Loss with Drip Irrigation

Due to its slow process, almost no water is lost through evaporation or surface runoff and the soil particles are given enough time to absorb and hold water for these plants. This also prevents the nutrients in the soil from flowing out with the excess water and beyond the reach of the plant roots. This garden drip irrigation system also ensures direct delivery to the plants that you would want to water and prevent distribution to other areas. Those areas remain drier which discourages weeds from sprouting. An added bonus is that with a moisture-contained location, it avoids an overly moist environment that promotes diseases.

We are Here to Help!

Micro Drip

All that sounds amazing but how do you even begin? At Hydro Solution, we are here to help. The first step in designing the right system for you would be to decide what you want the drip irrigation system to water. The topography of your landscape would also come into consideration as different gardens might require different designs and systems. As experts in engineering various irrigation system, we assure you that we will provide our expert consultations to meet your needs.

Let us find the right flow; for where water flows, there too is where life will grow. Contact us today for your irrigation solutions.


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