Agricultural Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation System

The Recommended Irrigation System For Agriculture

So you’ve decided to install an agricultural irrigation system, but you’re not too sure what type to pick. The choices out there are endless, and it’s hard to decide which type is the best for your field. Why not turn your attention to the agricultural drip irrigation system?

The agricultural drip irrigation system delivers a precise and regulated flow of water directly to the roots of plants at a low pressure and a slow but steady interval. Drip irrigation systems are said to be the highest water-efficient irrigation system as little water is lost to evaporation – the water is applied directly to the soil and does not travel through the air as sprinkler systems do. The slow rate of water flow prevents overwatering of the crops, thereby preventing the occurrence of water runoff and root rot. Water runoff not only increases water bills due to excess water use, it also leaches the nutrients from the soil, leaving behind nutrient-poor soil unsuitable for crop planting.

Suitable For Various Types Of Crop

If you’re not too certain about the suitability of the agricultural drip irrigation towards your crops, fret not!! This irrigation system is suitable for many types of crops, including:

  • Orchard crops (grapes, bananas, citrus, etc.),
  • Vegetables (tomato, cabbage, onion, etc.),
  • Cash crops (sugarcane, cotton, strawberry, etc.),
  • Flowers (rose, carnation, marigold, etc.),
  • Plantation crops (tea, rubber, coffee, etc.),
  • Spices (turmeric, cloves, mint, etc.), and
  • Forest crops (teakwood, bamboo, etc.).

The system itself is highly versatile and extremely easy to set up. It can be placed above-ground or underground, and can be arranged as you see fit to provide the most suitable coverage for your crops. The water pressure and flow rate can also be adjusted to optimise plant growth, ensuring a bumper crop during harvest!

Let’s Get Started Now!

IrrigationSold on the idea of installing an agricultural drip irrigation system? Great!! It’s simple to draw up a plan of design and start on the installation works in no time at all. Soon you’ll be enjoying a bountiful harvest with minimal effort in supplying adequate water to your crops. So, give us a call and we’ll jump right down to business!


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