Landscape Drip Irrigation System

What is Landscape Drip Irrigation System?

Landscape drip irrigation system is the slow, systematic and precise water delivery system to the plants and crops which make up the landscape such as vertical garden plants and creepers. This system is relatively easier to use as it can be controlled remotely and requires no trenching (unlike our traditional irrigation counterparts).

Landscape drip irrigation system is able to maintain near-perfect moisture levels in the root zone of the plants thus avoiding the wet and dry swings which are typical of overhead watering, not mentioning too huge water savings. With the precise and timely watering, water loss through evaporation is greatly reduced as compared to the sprinkler system or flood irrigation method.

One Solution Fits All

Suitable for irrigating all types of landscape such as shrubs, perennial beds, small trees, ground covers, annuals and lawns, landscape drip irrigation system makes the one the ideal choices of watering roof gardens, containers on decks and patios, kitchen gardens, orchards, vineyards and last but not least, row crops. The system has the design flexibility to accommodate a few hanging baskets or potted plants to several thousand acres of crops.

Moreover, as landscape plantings have varying water needs depending on the type of plants (hedges, trees, perennial beds etc.) and the sunlight and wind exposure, ideally, each group of plants will be divided into separate zone of the irrigation system, controlled by a valve. From there, a faster dripper or more drippers can be accounted into the system design to take care of thirstier plants.

We Walk Our Talk!

Hydro Solution has served customers throughout Malaysia such as Kelantan, Johor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Selangor, and Seremban. We are committed to providing top quality service to our customers and take pride in getting the job done efficiently and making sure that our customers receive the support they need in conceptualizing, designing and creating an utmost picturesque landscape. Call us NOW for our latest deals and offers!


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