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A watering system timer is a gadget that allows the user to set a watering schedule for your plants. Also known as the irrigation controller, the device is used to accommodate a user with their daily task such as the watering task for plants. With it, a person would no longer have to worry about being punctual in watering the plants as the device itself will regulate the flow of water to the sprinklers or any irrigation output chosen by the user.

The device also gives a chance for the user to set the days for the water to be regulated, the time of the day the water should be channeled and how long for the water to be applied to the trees. This would give a space for the user to control the water exposure towards the trees.

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When choosing a time, there are a few factors you need to consider in order to make sure your device works efficiently. Among that factors are the location for the mounting the controller i.e whether it’s outside or inside, the number of stations or zones and number of programs controlled by the device.

Water system timer consists of the outdoor and indoor model. Indoor model is usually would require a direct plug into the power source and this could be a convenient way as the user doesn’t have to worry about the power source. Because of its convenient, this type of model can basically be attached to any power source as long as it’s in the building. This model also needs to shelter from the weather as it can’t resist the direct weather on it. different from the outdoor model, it is weather resistant. It able to winds and direct contact with any kind of weather without having the risk of damage. Same like the indoor model, this model also required a power source to be plugin into. Thus making sure the power source itself weather resistant is necessary. This, however, could be a difficult job as most of the power sources are not weather resistant.

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Other than location, the other important factor is a number of stations. Before selecting your own timer, you need to know about the number of stations or zones that you would require the timer to handle. Normally residential system is among 2 to 9 stations while the industrial system would have 40 or more stations. For this, always choose the timer with a higher number of stations in case of expansion later. Next is the timer programs. This is important as some devices would only have a limited amount of programs while others have more. Programmes is the selection of aspects that you can set up for your plants. Aspects such as days, time of the day and period for water exposure are important in making sure the health of your plants.

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