Water Wall Fountain


In a previous article, dancing water fountains have been introduced as something that helps relax and rejuvenate your mind. Installing them in your own garden has been an exciting idea. However, a major problem may arise. In this day and age, landed properties are hard to come by. Our world’s population are increasing by the millions. The land is scarce. High rises are sprouting out everywhere. Soon, there’ll never be a building shorter than two stories. This is all necessary, of course. We do want everyone to have a roof over their head. But that means less space, for everyone. So how can we have a dancing water fountain? I mean, it’s a big structure.

Give Your Landscape a Glamorous Look!

But, there’s a solution. Have you heard of water wall fountains? They’re water fountains. On your wall. Granted it doesn’t sound as amazing as a dancing water fountain. But it is more applicable. All you need is a designated wall in your house, no matter big or small and Hydro Solution will install it and you’re good to go, so to speak.

What are the advantages of having a water wall fountain in your landscape? Really not that much different from dancing water fountains, except that they’re vertical. It definitely saves space. It provides additional floor area to be occupied by let’s say, the dining table. You’re eating dinner, with a water fountain beside you. The sound of water wall fountains is similar to the sound of light showers of rain. It’s relaxing. The sound of light rain has been known to help people sleep. It puts them in a state of peaceful bliss, like Mother Nature’s very own lullaby. The water wall fountain will give the same effect. Your family will be sleeping like a baby, and you’ll all wake up fresh. Gives a great start to the day.

Pick Up the Phone NOW!

Water FeatureAnd as always, Hydro Solution will be here to assist you in any way possible. Give us your ideas or problems, and we’ll work it through. With you. You won’t be left out. It’s a promise. Call +6018-3866453 to schedule a free site inspection today!


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