Water System Installation

Sprinkler System Piping

Reduce Your Water Consumption Up to 50%

We here at Hydro Solution not only supply you with a high-quality product but we also handle the installation process for you. From installing an irrigation system for your beloved plants until water features for you own comfortable. Installing a certain system is not an easy task as it would require the person to take factors into the evaluation. If a slight mistake happens, it may result in the product to be easily broken or in the worse case, damage the whole area. However, even happen to do so, with our skillful worker, we promise that we can even bring out the worse to become something unexpected. The basic idea for all installation is the plan and design. The process of planning and designing would take things such as space, accessibility and your mainline pipe into consideration.

The Ideal Watering Solution For Your Landscape

First thing first is the water features installment. Water features for you could be indoor or even outdoor. Together, we will have a discussion about your chosen location. Suits with its aim, water features are intended to be soothing and calm get to you and your family. Thus it would need a special spot where it could be heard and easily accessed by all in your home. With your intricate ideas, we will then enhance it more with a glamorous touch to create the wow factor in the water features. After the designs ready, it would then lead to the excavation of hole in the ground which then the hole itself will be lined with a waterproof silicone sealant to prevent leaks. Pump and filter would also be installed. This is to ensure the water flowing and at the same time prevent bacteria and mosquitoes with the clean water. To add a final touch, you could also ask us to add mosaic or even glass tiles.

Hydro Solution is Here to Serve You!

Next is the green wall installation. The green wall is where you place your plants on the wall. It would not only look pretty, but it also would save space and create a different kind of perspective to its surrounding. For this green wall, the aspects that taken into consideration is the irrigation system, nutrients and light for the plants and also type of plants that could be planted there. The irrigation system is important as it would ensure the necessity of the plants. For this, we would use the drip irrigation system that would use 2 to 5 liters of water per meter squared per day. As for the light, a deeper knowledge of horticulture is needed to make sure that the plants would receive the enough of light. While the other nutrient such as air, a good air movement has to be created. This would ensure the breathing of the plants.

We at Hydro Solution could provide you with all the solutions and more. Contact us now at +6018-3866453.


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