Vertical Vegetable Garden

Hydroponics Vertical Garden

There is a different setup for every type of farmer. You typically do not use an orchard to grow vegetables, except in some odd cases, and you wouldn’t use a vertical vegetable garden to grow watermelons. The term vegetable garden just refers to whatever container, or in rare times structure, you choose to grow your veggies in. This article is going to spice up the life of anyone who is currently growing vertical gardens. Did you know that chilies along with several other vegetables grow surprisingly easy in a vertical garden?

Owning A Vegetable Garden Is No Longer A Dream!

One of the first things that you benefit from by starting to grow chilies in your garden is that you get to experience a wide range of chilies for whatever mood your palate is in. On top of that, a vertical garden can grow more than just chilies such as cabbage, broccoli and kale. Commonly you will see farmers with tomatoes, tomatillos, potatoes, and radish .

Most chili varieties are not hard to grow in fact most only need a small amount of space. Chilies nowadays all have different growing needs so please follow your instructions to the T. Some general rules of thumb to keep in mind is that some chili peppers benefits (such as the Cherry Bomb) from being soaked in water for twenty-four hours to cool them off. These are for the hottest of the hot in terms of pepper since the water helps “cools off” the veggies in a way that can help dial down the spice. Your propagator will be your best friend as long as you keep them in a place where they do not heat up in the sun.

Affordable For Everyone !

Vertical Herd Garden

So if you are looking for that place that can spice up your meals or even your profits, then a vertical garden is what your house/company needs. If you are fine with low labor cost, great flavors, a wide variety to choose from and easy to accomplish growing requirements then why haven’t you given these flavorful balls of heat a chance. A personal favorite is the Purple Princess.

Hydro Solution has served a lot of satisfied customer from Penang, Kuala Lumpur as well as Johor. Contact us now and get your vertical vegetable garden installed now!


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