Vertical Garden Planter

If there is one benefit that vertical gardens have over others is how much variety that you can get with them. Every plant/flower that you can think of can grow well in a vertical garden but there are some that are golden for a vertical garden planter. My personal five will be presented here but know that there are other plants that grow just as well as this.

The Golden Plants

Codiaeum variegatum pictum, or just Croton, is a bright red plant that needs very little sunlight. This is one of the most decorative plants out of the bunch. Who says that a little color to your wall will hurt anyone?

Spathiphyllum wallisii, peace lilies, are remarkably beautiful plants. They are a lively green that require very little care. They need low light or low humidity to live long and strong but never skimp out on both.

Stephanotis floribunda, or the Wedding Vine, stays true to it name by reminding you of that special day with it healthy white flowers. The way it grows just require you to add water.

Hoya Carnosa, or the Wax Flower, is a plant that yours truly is testing out in his brand new vertical garden. This plant is useful for a small living space because it can be easily coax into growing a certain direction. Just place this plant near the sun and watch it slowly grow towards it.

Lastly the ever popular Dracaena which you might have seen a dozen times if you look into vertical planting anywhere. These beautiful plants can grow white, yellow, red and cream depending on the growing environment.

Vertical Garden Can Make Your Live Wonderful!

Vertical GardenThe list of flowers that can bring a splash of color to your home or office is endless. This short list is not even my top flower picks but some that I thought could fit the style of just about anyone. A few wax flowers and peace lillies make for great conversational pieces. Heck, the wedding vine even makes a nice gift to place for your spouse near her window. These flowers can make anywhere seem like it is straight from a fairy tale. Of course, you will need to plan, design and install the vertical garden carefully, and Hydro Solution is here to help you for any of your vertical garden needs as well as its irrigation.


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