Underground Irrigation System

Water is Essential for Healthy Plants

Living landscapes, lawns and gardens need water in order to survive and flourish. Relying completely on natural rainfall sometimes is not the best method of supplying water as it may potentially lead to overwatering. Depending on the type of landscape, grass and other plantings that you have, a consistent watering is required and an underground irrigation system might be what you need.

What is Underground Irrigation System?

An underground irrigation system is a method of delivering water to gardens and lawns through a concealed underground network of pipelines. The common underground irrigation system used in Malaysia are drip irrigation and sprinkler system, with the usage of each varies depending on the size of the area and the level of expertise required to install it. Rest assured that Hydro Solution is well-versed and proficient in handling both types of irrigation method. Underground irrigation is also fitted with a programmable timer controller (which eliminates the need to manually turn the water on and off) and pressure valves (which control the amount of water channeled).

Installing an underground irrigation system prevents you or your children or guests to trip over the sprinkler heads that may lead to serious bruises and injuries. Nowadays, with hidden pop-up sprinkler heads that only emerge from the beneath the ground at the preset time, one might be simply amazed on how well the sprinkler heads are camouflaged.

Identify the System Design Capacity

Five key pieces of information need to be obtained in designing an underground irrigation system namely the water meter size, water pressure, backflow requirement, water flow rate and service line size. All these, if not calculated properly may lead to a costly irrigation pipe repairs and maintenance. Pipes of different thickness and materials have varying capability handling water pressure and flow rate. The wrong selection of pipes will lead to leakage and stress cracking. Next, it is equally important to identify the backflow pressure requirement so that the potable water supply would not be contaminated by the water supply used for irrigation. Hence, a suitable backflow prevention device needs to be installed for this purpose.

Your Dream Landscape is Just a Call Away!

Garden Sprinkler SystemMaking the choice to install an underground irrigation system may be difficult but choosing the right irrigation service company, it does not have to be. Let Hydro Solution handle all the details and problems that have been bugging you. We take pride in our service of delivering turn-key irrigation solutions throughout Malaysia such as Seremban, Penang, Melaka, Seremban, Johor and Kuala Lumpur. Contact us NOW! Your dream garden, lawn or landscape might just be one click or one call away.


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