Tropical Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden

Now if you do not think there is a difference between vertical garden and tropical vertical garden then you have a lot that you are going to learn from this article today. The major difference between the two is how much humidity you need. Granted, this is only one difference but this opens up an entire world of beautiful and easy to grow plants.

Types Of Tropical Vertical Garden Plants

The newbie favorite, Pathos, is a plant that is much like yours truly. It is green, wiry, and spindly. It requires low light and can grow up to twenty feet! Do not be afraid to cut it down a few pegs every so often.

Lipstick plant is one that  is for hanging baskets and perfect for low levels of light. An interesting thing is that this plant dries fast! So, you will need to have to exercise much care to it, or install a vertical garden irrigation system that helps you keeping it watered all the time.

The Sword Fern is one of those rare cases of easy to grow ferns. If you ever wanted to test your luck then try your hands at growing ferns. Ferns are common in humid environments so do not worry about overwatering it. Take the time to even apply mist of water for that lush and green color. Other easy to grow ferns are the rabbit foot fern and Cretonbrake fern.

Lastly, Crotons are one of the most mystical and common tropical vertical garden plant. Every Croton is a bit different because the brightness of the plant depends on the amount of sunlight that the plant gets. This plant has as many color options as the Dracaena if you are willing to experiment with the sun levels that you give your plant.

Enjoy The Tropics In Your Home!

Vertical GardenThere is no way that you can be into planting but not these plants. Everyone from a newbie to veteran can learn something new from these exotic plants. Why travel to the tropics when you can bring all the beauty of the tropics to the leisure of your own home? Contact us now and let us bring the tropics to your home!


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